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Any individual listed below is encouraged to correct any inaccuracies on our part.

If I've overlooked someone who belongs on this list, by all means let me know.  Where Your Opinion Counts reads the subtitle for this clearinghouse for right-of-center radio, TV, and blog personalities.  Featured are mainly conservative Catholics, conservative Jews, and ersatz Evangelicals, not to be confused with a genuine Christian worldview.

  David Limbaugh Here is by far the most knowledgeable "Christian" seen and heard in national media so far.  A practicing attorney and brother of Rush Limbaugh, he is best known as a conservative columnist and author of Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity and Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department.  His often insightful columns appear regularly at website like: WorldNetDaily, Townhall, The Washington Times, JewishWorldReview, NewsMax, etc., and he also appears on Fox News segments like Hannity & Colmes.  By far, his writings are far more honed than his short TV appearances.  On TV, he is often not allowed time to develop his point thus leaving viewers confused.  Because of his less-than-conservative theological views God and the Gospel as being "pure love" and "purely inclusive" [i.e., free offer], he struggles to understand why Christianity should be considered "objectively" offensive by others.  Despite explanations by Philip Johnson on the culture war or postmodern intolerance in the book, The New Tolerance (Hostetler & McDowell), David believes that any and all offense arises from "subjective" misunderstandings.  However, at the center of David Limbaugh’s valid concerns is the apparent complacency and unwillingness for Christians to fight to preserve their Constitutional religious liberties.  He is troubled by an “increasingly common attitude…that Christianity, on its face, is offensive.”  He is deeply alarmed that this same attitude has become prevalent among many so-called Christians, who are potential targets for attack!

“It’s one thing for Christians to argue that they should rejoice in their persecution—that’s even biblical.  But it’s an entirely different matter for us to stand by idly as our culture, of which we are supposed to be the majority component, institutionalizes the notion that our Savior is anathema [i.e. offensive].  When is enough going to be enough?  When are complacent Christians going to fight back?”

A more in-depth review of Mr. Limbaugh's book Persecution has been written and is available at the link.

Dennis Prager ( Dennis Prager ranks three stars based on his easy style (at times successfully communicating profound observations) and cultural relevance.  His motto "Clarity, not agreement" sets him head and shoulders above ALL other radio talk hosts.  He has been broadcasting from southern California for nearly two decades.  A self-described centrist and Jewish moralist, Prager anchors his worldview in the first five books of the Bible (the "Torah" in Jewish terms) and teaches a verse-by-verse "interfaith" perspective at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles.  Dennis says, "... I believe that the Torah is the most relevant guide to life available to us, I believe that the most esoteric and even "boring" sections have secrets of wisdom that when unlocked give any of us a happier, deeper, wiser life."  "I'm too liberal for the religious right and too conservative for the secular left."  With his OT orientation, Dennis can often speak with ringing moral clarity, e.g., "Liberals and liberalism do not hate evil.  They hate those [individuals] who hate evil."  However, Mr. Prager is typically unable to grasp the fundamental differences among Christians, and often erroneously equates Christianity with Catholicism.  Prager's talk format is to discuss current affairs with a great deal of cultural depth.  As an ultra-conservative Christian, I find Dennis Prager some of the best radio listening available.  Reformed Jewish / ex-Democrat.  On 12/30/2005, Dennis Prager announced on-air that he and his wife were getting a divorce after 17 years of marriage.  See statement.

Michael Medved (  Michael Medved. the "Cultural Crusader" is a media critic, author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host.  Like many, Michael was a '60's Democratic liberal who has progressively become conservative--joining the GOP in 1980.  A Jewish theist, he attends an Orthodox synagogue, but leans on logic rather than revelation.  Republican.  Michael Medved and Dennis Prager (below) seem are able to often cut to the heart of issues and make strong logical arguments.  See Mr. Medved's comments below.

Cal Thomas (  Cal Thomas is a syndicated newspaper columnist who regularly is found filling in behind a radio microphone or as a guest on a TV talk show.  While Cal is regularly featured at Jewish World Review and elsewhere, he identifies himself as "a follower of Jesus of Nazareth" and claims the greatest influences on his life have been "the late Dr. Richard Halverson, former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate (Presbyterian-PCUSA), and the late philosopher-theologian Dr. Francis Schaeffer" (Orthodox Presbyterian).  While Mr. Thomas understands political and social issues at a far deeper level than most other commentators, he appears (like so many) largely fixed upon Jesus' Kingdom gospel.  Christian theist / Republican (?).  See Mr. Thomas' comments below.

Laura Ingraham (  Laura continues to move up in the rankings.  She has moved ahead of Hugh Hewitt since Hugh's pragmatism is getting out of hand.  Both are "recovering lawyers", but clearly have retained their 'steel-trap' minds.  Laura, a Reagan-esque Repubican, is heard daily on her nationally-syndicated talk show with an excellent supporting staff.  During the past year, changes have been taking place in her life and recently it was disclosed on-air that she has become a so-called "new Catholic."  In this context, "new" means theistic, rather than "old" meaning modernist liberal--the overwhelming dominant view of tens of millions of American Catholics.  During an interview regarding Mel Gibson's movie The Passion, gutsy Laura had spine enough to mention the Bible as being historically authoritative.  Enspinement!  Overall analysis is good, snappy and up-to-date.  However, her current target audience is the 'younger' crowd, consequently many culture comments (e.g., music) may likely sail over the heads of older folk--like me.  While entertaining, Laura is an emoter and has built her reputation on skillfully ridiculing the "elites" of both Left and Right.  It works for Rush.

Rush Limbaugh (  Little need be said about the conservative Republican voice and influence of El Rushbo.  $250 million signing contract through 2009!  "The deal represents a stunning triumph over the establishment by an outsider who connected with and captured the spirit of the nations heartland."  The maturing Limbaugh has created an radio-listening empire and appears heir-apparent to Paul Harvey's vast audience as well.  For the most part, Rush has kept his personal "religious" opinions out of view.  While various on-air comments identify him as being sympathetic with the theistic worldview, he specifically avoids identification as a Christian.  Not so for his brother, David Limbaugh.  David has stated on-air that Rush is not a born-again Christian.  However, Rush has become progressively aware that America's current culture and political war is at its core--a religious war.  Read his outstanding articles THE ALTER OF MAN and THE RELIGIOUS LEFT.  Theist / Republican.

Hugh Hewitt (  (Hugh Hewitt no longer merits a blue star due to his continued drift from so-called "center-right" to left of center on social issues.)  Hugh Hewitt, law professor at Chapman University School of Law, is one of the better political commentators (albeit establishment Republican) available over the airwaves.  However, beware of his radically heterodox religious and liberal moral views.  Hewitt's ability to successfully project a conservative political aura supports a sizable audience.  His format is one of lively dialogue and professionally-crafted and penetrating interviews.  He most often selects guests who are knowledgeable and articulate in the realm of politics, history, literature, media, and call screeners generally weed out dumbed-down callers.  Herein lies his strength: NPR-like program format, legal acumen, and a lively, articulate voice.  Hugh's sponsor, KRLA of Los Angeles states, "Mr. Hewitt appears frequently as a political and social commentator on such television and radio programs as Fox News, Nightline, The Today Show, and Larry King Live.  Hugh is a 1978 honors graduate of Harvard University and a 1983 honors graduate of the University of Michigan Law Review.  He served for nearly six years in the Reagan Administration in a variety of posts, including Assistant Counsel in the White House."

Mr. Hewett is a passionate supporter of the US military (commendable), hyper-pragmatic Republican (less commendable), and 'ersatz' Christian (disaster).  What might come as a shock to conservative listeners is that Mr. Hewitt is an ordained "Elder" in the radically liberal, pro-gay Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).  While he appears right-of-center politically, he's far left-of-center religiously and morally, and those views account for some rather strange perspectives.  Similar to Carl Rove's strategy to leverage support from the Religious Right to win elections, Hugh Hewitt has leveraged support from conservative evangelicals to build his on-air popularity.  However, his political pragmatism frequently drives him to the wrong side of moral issues and political races.   

An example in the Colorado 2004 senate race, he supported beer-magnate and elitist-billionaire Peter Coors over the more conservative US Congressman Bob Schaeffer.  Historically, Coloradoans are common folk.  Consequently, the yacht-sailing Republican Coors got trounced by populist Ken Salazar, a Democrat.  After hours-and-hours of radio plugs for Coors and the loss, Hewitt sheepishly disavowed all personal responsibility for the outcome.

Hugh Hewett comes from an Irish-Catholic background and considers himself an "expatriate" Catholic--i.e., living abroad in quasi-evangelical, high-church Protestantism.  During an interview with Andrew Sullivan (Daily Dish), in response to Sullivan's question as to whether he was a "Christian," Hewitt stated,   "I’m an evangelical Roman Catholic Presbyterian."  In discussions of religion, he uses this label regularly.  His pragmatic-based heterodoxy is well established and he frequently labels those with doctrinal objections to: Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, or homosexuality as--"bigots, bigots, bigots."  Despite his role as a respect lawyer and university law professor, he's comes up short in the realm of philosophy and theology, a fact he regularly confesses on-air.  Religiously, he's at home with a broad ecumenism, counting the heresy shill Rick Warren a "friend."  Typical of radio venue, both Hewitt's website and show are devoid of philosophical/theological discernment and thus confusion reigns with both readers and listeners. 

Nevertheless, Hugh Hewitt can be highly entertaining, while being a major contributor to an emaciated Christianity.  His failure to understand Catholicism, Protestantism, Mormonism, and even Islam is a discredit to his listening audience.  His colleague and theological sidekick is the Rev. Mark D. Roberts, an ecumenical Presbyterian pastor and former professor at Fuller and San Francisco Theological seminaries.   Hugh's main dissent with Catholicism is the liberal political views of the bishops and seminaries, not its heretical doctrines.  He rightly expresses disgust with Catholicism's scandal of pedophilic clerics, but blames faulty Papal policy and administration for the sexual abuse problems.

On Homosexuality:  In his 10/3/2006 interview with former Washington Post senior political writer Thomas Edsall, Mr. Edsall states, “There's nothing wrong with a gay person in my book” to which Mr. Hewitt responds, “I agree, completely, one hundred percent.”  Apparently, Hugh Hewitt rejects the assertions of biblical revelation, Catholic natural law arguments, as well as statements by the Pope.  Chapman University School of Law, where Mr. Hewitt teaches, is a leader in providing legal assistance to the homosexual and pansexual agendas.  Chapman "proudly" created its "Global Project for LGBTQ Rights and Feminism."

Further, despite its bizarre New-Age-like doctrines, Hugh Hewitt considers Mormonism to be a Christian sect rather than a cult!  This defective view led him to write a book, A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every Conservative Should Know about Mitt Romney.   In the book, he strangely cautions evangelicals to be careful about conversations around Romney's Mormonism.  Like Islam/Muslims, he appears to want to control the conversation.  (I listened to a Mormon legal scholar disagree with Hugh on this issue.)  According to Hewitt, if orthodox Christians attack the unorthodox aspects of Mormonism, it could/would likely "open the door to a renewal of anti-Christian bigotry in this country the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time."  Apparently, he doesn't believe the country is awash in "anti-Christian bigotry" already. 

Just when you might think it couldn't get worse, Hewitt's support of Mitt Romney for the 2012 Presidential primary included an aberrant interpretation of Article VI of the US Constitution and participation in the radical, pro-Romney  Article VI reads: "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."  In context, this section represents a prohibition upon government, not the people!  Yet, founding members (Mormon attorney Lowell C. Brown, ersatz evangelical John Mark Reynolds, and liberal Presbyterian (USPCA) John Schroeder) of the Article6Blog want the public to believe that voters are prohibited in using religion (worldview) as a criteria for their personal evaluation of political candidates for office.  Their goal is to deny YOU your constitutional freedom and control how YOU think about political candidates.  This is simply dirty politics at its worst.

Hewitt clearly embraces the postmodernist view of "tolerance," which has already proved adversarily for Christians.  Hopefully, evangelicals will dump Hugh Hewitt before the wreckage piles too high.

Hugh understands liberal politics, but utterly fails to grasp its connection to liberal theology or philosophy.  Religion and theology are definitely not his forte--and at times his errant comments are like 'fingernails across a blackboard'.  Turn the dial!  He fawningly promotes the non-denominational, social high school ministry of Young Life and is enamored with the likes of liberal Anglican C. S. Lewis.  [See Did C. S. Lewis Go to Heaven?]  Hugh doesn't appear to have risen above this Young Life superficiality and doctrinal diversity.  Being an 'expat' Catholic, Hugh is more at home with both the liberal, amillennialist and neo-evangelical crowd and favors humanistic religionists.

Paul Harvey ( Paul "The Rest of the Story" Harvey is a legend with nearly 70 years behind a microphone.  While primarily a news broadcaster, and technically not part of "Talk Radio", his popular broadcasts and comments contain endorsement for both conservative and Judeo-Christian viewpoints.  Paul Harvey's background included being raised in a devout Christian home (Open Plymouth Brethren).  "Good Day!"  Theist / Republican (?)

Glenn Beck (  This self-described "reformed alcoholic" and "convert to Mormonism" also bills himself a "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment."  Beck is a fairly naive and mediocre thinker.  He regularly confesses such publicly, in an effort to connect with the vast 'dubbed-down' populace.  His emphasis is often on warm fuzzies and emotionalism.  For example, his 9-12 Project seeks to turn back the clock and emotionally return to September 12th, 2001, when America supposedly was "not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created."  Further, he has just begun to read history and currently has it wrong with regard to America's Founding.  America's so-called "principles" were not "culled from all over the world."  Maybe his Mormon religion teaches him that.  I'm not sure.  America's Founders and beginnings were tightly linked to 1) a specific Protestant subset of the Judeo-Christian worldview, and 2) secondary influences from Enlightenment and Greek/Roman philosophy, which we both part of Western civilization, sans Mormonism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

Tony Snow  Tony Snow, now White House Press Secretary, began as host of the Fox Sunday Morning News.  Occasionally, Tony is asked to stand behind the radio microphone, and at one point launched his own radio show.  Snow has primarily been a news columnist and speechwriter who served as a ghostwriter for President Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, John Sununu and Jack Kemp.  He earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy but appears equipped to present some basic theology.  See his WHAT DOES RELIGION MEAN TO AMERICANS? and THE ROLE OF RELIGION.  Catholic, Theist / Republican (?) 

David Horowitz (;; and several others)  David Horowitz was a radical '60s liberal who abandoned his leftist ideology and joined the "neo-conservative" movement during the '80s.  Horowitz understands the Marxist Left and typically has a penetrating analysis of American politics and culture.  Now author and editor for several think tanks, his autobiographical sojourn is chronicled in his 1989 book, Radical Son.  He is often asked to stand in for Michael Reagan and others.  Horowitz has embraced theism (most likely Jewish) and sees clearly the atheistic drive and motive of Democratic liberalism.  Jewish Theist / Independent (?).  See Mr. Horowitz's comments below.

Michael Reagan (  Eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, Michael hosts a nationally syndicated nighttime radio show.  President Reagan loosely identified with Disciples of Christ and Christian Church--Campbellite sects within Christendom.  While certainly a theist, the "Gipper" may not have been a "born-again" Christian.  Based on on-air comments, Michael appears to have been raised Catholic by his mother, Jane Wyman, but currently attends charismatic Jack Hayford's Foursquare church in Van Nuys, California, and these charismatic ties may likely be his undoing.  Christian(?) / Independent(?).  Michael Reagan gave a stiring testimony at his father's (Ronald Reagan) funeral.

Oliver "Ollie" North ( Ollie North is an honored ex-Marine.  His politically conservative talk show, Common Sense Radio, is widely broadcast throughout North America.  Colonel North's commentary is understandably directed toward military issues.  North is a "conservative" Catholic who seldom makes public his religious affiliation.  "Conservative" Catholic / Republican.

Bill O'Reilly ( Bill is the featured commentator-protagonist for cable giant Fox News ("The O'Reilly Factor") and has helped drive their ratings through the roof.  Mr. O'Reilly's Irish Catholic background renders him a 'common sense' voice for populism--"a working-class hero"  But his libertarian worldview has failed to protect him against a gradual slide into relativism. Occasionally, he will be found expressing contempt for "born-again" Christians and genuine Christianity.  Sadly, Bill O'Reilly is a windsock on several moral issues and a growing embarrassment to conservatives.   Catholic-Modernist / Libertarian.

Ken Hamblin (  Ken "The Black Avenger" Hamblin is one of the early black conservative radio commentators.

Sean Hannity ( Sean Hannity is the co-anchor for Fox News show "Hannity & Colmes."  Hannity represents conservative views while Alan Colmes (aka Bevis of the Left) has to defend the indefensible.  Hannity has maintained an intense admiration for former President Ronald Reagan.  In addition to his daily show with Fox, he regularly fills in for Rush Limbaugh--when Rush is working on his golf game.  Sean is the female audience's heart-throb and a feisty Irish, Traditional Catholic and Republican who seldom takes the back seat in any dialogue or discussion.  He appears to hold to the Catholic 'natural law' philosophy and consequently, like Ambassador Alan Keyes, just can't understand why liberals are so screwed up, brainwashed, and out of touch with reality.  Occasionally, Sean invites the Pentecostal Pat Robertson ( to his radio or TV show.  Robinson will typically supply some biblical literalness and fill the voids so apparent from Hannity's Catholic background.   Traditional Catholic / Republican.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger ( Dr. Laura is the no-nonsense on-air advisor for her largely dysfunctional audience and callers.  She holds a PhD in physiology and is a licensed marriage-and-family counselor.  Most often the Doctor prescribes 'shock treatments' of reality and responsibility.  Consequently, she is adored by the homosexual community.....just kidding.  Schlessinger was raised in a "mixed marriage" environment (Catholic and Jewish) and thus her de-facto moral standard is the 10 Commandments, her core philosophy is just "Go do the right thing", and her worldview is inconsistent modernism.  She is oblivious to the Christian teachings of the New Testament (e.g., Romans) and consequently Laura projects an aura of self-righteousness.  In time, this 'fireball' will likely burn up or burn out.  See Dr. Laura's comments below.  Nominal Jewish Theist / Independent (?). 

Michael Savage  (  San Francisco based "Savage Nation" is now broadcast nationally.  Michael was formerly a 'savage liberal' but converted to political conservatism.  He's hard-edged and appears to be flirting with becoming a ' right-wing Howard Stern'.  His radio sponsor writes, "An independent-minded individualist, Michael Savage fits no stereotype.  He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights."  While Michael sees the left's hatred for theistic religion, he remains fully secular in his own views.  This UC Berkeley PhD displays (schizoid) only a modest appreciation for the "religious", and still pleases the San Francisco crowd with his secularist and libertine comments.  His caustic comments can border on the   Secular / Independent, Libertarian.

G. Gordon Liddy ( The "G-Man" is syndicated by CBS.  "Military man, Nixon adviser, Watergate burglar, attorney, FBI agent, G. Gordon Liddy has done it all."  "Liddy moderates a conservative (?) talk program which tackles political and social issues, and challenges the establishment."  The G-Man is genuine fringe.  Catholic/Hedonist/ Libertarian.

The following are listed as individuals to avoid:

Mike Gallagher (  Mike Gallagher's mark upon the airwaves is his ability to rant and rave--a classic demonstration of emotion trumping intellect.  His opinions (mostly libertarian) are neither well thought out nor supported.  For that reason, accusations of "bigotry" by his critics have a tendency to stick and he gives the conservative movement a bad name.  Due to these weaknesses, Mike occasionally must resort to heckling and insulting callers, and it can get downright nasty and embarrassing.  For the most part, he'll "huff and puff" and try to blow your house down.  Not as bad as the others in this "avoid" category, but certainly worth finding a different channel.  As you might expect, one of Mike's raving fans discovered my comments here, notified Mike, and together they wrote two blistering emails--complete with personal insults.  Gallagher consoled the upset follower by stating that the website was "fringe kook", "crazy", "sophomoric", and that I was a "screwball with a computer."  I guess that settles that.

Peter (anti-Christian "Bigotry") Boyles (  Not nationally syndicated, Boyles has a morning talk show on KHOW in the Colorado-Wyoming market.  Occasionally mistaken for being conservative, Boyles is a hardcore and outspoken modernist/naturalist who attempts to portrait himself as politically "independent."  As he regularly invites various lefties as visitors to his program, it's difficult for him to consistently conceal his deep sympathies for liberalism and the Democratic Party .  As a vocal dogmatist of moral relativism, he ridicules all competing "ideologues"--both religious and secular.  Peter Boyles regularly expresses a special distain over the air waves for evangelical and fundamental Christians--the so-called "extreme religious right" by his calculation.  With his nominal Irish Roman Catholic background, Peter has imbibed several aspects of postmodernism, is hyper cynical of Christianity, and consequently bristles with contempt toward the veracity claim of genuine Christianity.  Boyles is skilled at exploiting his position of power behind the microphone and of abusing Christian callers.  However, when faced with a heart-problem and possible death, Boyles showed his unique brand of hypocrisy by having priests at his bedside.  Peter Boyles is Bill O'Reilly 'gone to seed'.  He is skilled at riding-the-ideological-fence and baiting the political spectrum to keep listeners from turning him off.  Modernist / Independent.

Lynn Harper (   Lynn Harper broadcasts to a west-coast, weekend audience from San Diego, CA.  While she pays lip service to some "higher power", Lynn is a staunch libertarian holding atheist Ayn Rand as her "hero" figure.  Flatteringly labeled a "fire-breathing" talker by a local columnist, Ms. Harper overwhelmingly generates more heat than light--something guaranteed to drive ratings and hopefully pull dollars in a saturated market.  As a purveyor of religious relativism, Lynn states, "I'm not egotistical* enough to say that I know the answer and everyone else is wrong."  "A religious 'live and let live philosophy' would bring an end to a lot of strife not only in this country, but worldwide."  Modernist (?) / Libertarian.

*  Editor Note:  Ms. Harper's derisive charge that those who claim to have answers are "egotistical" is inherently self-contradictory.  Like the atheist who states "There is no God", such a claim can only be supported with perfect omniscience--by definition an attribute of God only.  Behind the relativist's rant that truth and error do not exist or cannot be known is their concealed assertion that THEY know ALL there is to know--the consummate "egotistical" expression.

Jimmy Lakey (  "Pastor" Jimmy Lakey is a "postmodern" Pentecostal and was a talk show host broadcasting from Denver, Colorado.  Say, what?  He played the role of an entertaining buffoon--an embarrassment to both serious Christians and skilled broadcast journalists.  On his current shallow course, he is destined to provide the secular world another 'poster child' to prove that Christianity and flakiness go together.  Mr. Giggles will have you reaching to change the channel--or worse.  Pentecostal / Independent.  PS.  We received several emails from supporters condemning our review, then from management of the radio station itself.  Shortly thereafter, the "Pastor" was gone, gone, gone.  Later I received an email informing me that this "prophetic voice" had been resurrected in none other than the cultic vortex of the "Hill" in Boulder, Colorado. 

Comments by Cal Thomas - Most journalists believe in the perfectibility of Man which, I submit, takes great faith in light of the thousands of years we've had to try to "fix" humankind. They are basically reformists. They also have a moralistic streak which causes them to believe they can help point the way to solutions for our individual and collective problems. Unfortunately, they usually point in the direction of government, though it has failed to solve most of those problems.

Thirty years of inattention to character, virtue, morality and a definition of right and wrong has led us to the present.  A nation that has focused on physical fitness and changing the oil in our increasingly expensive cars every 3,000 miles has ignored the societal "manual" that requires certain moral and spiritual additives" if we are to enjoy an orderly society.

Comments by Michael Medved - Alan Dershowitz, professor of Perpetual Indignation at Harvard Law School, denounced the inaugural prayers as 'divisive, sectarian, inappropriate' and even 'un-American.' He felt especially enraged at the benediction by Kirbyjon Caldwell, an impassioned African-American preacher from Houston, who concluded his remarks with the formulation: 'We respectfully submit this humble prayer in the name that's above all other names, Jesus the Christ. Let all who agree say amen.'

The problem displayed by Dershowitz and other critics of the Bush inauguration isn't that they can't accept Jesus; it's that they can't accept America. More than 90% of the citizens of this country remain self-described Christians. This remains, in other words, a Christian country - in the same sense that Spain is a Catholic country, or Turkey a Moslem country. Yes, the constitution guarantees secular government, but it does not promise to Dershowitz, or to me, or to other non-Christians, the ability to pretend that this nation's unequivocally Christian heritage, and overwhelmingly Christian majority, don't exist. Speaking personally, I remain secure enough in my own religious identity (I was president of an Orthodox Jewish synagogue for 15 years) to feel unthreatened by public prayers to Jesus.

Jews and other religious minorities have flourished in America not in spite of the nation's unique and benign Christian heritage, but because of it. Most Jewish leaders today agree we are far more threatened by secularist assimilation and religious ignorance than by anti-Semitism or proselytization. As a guest on my radio show, Dershowitz attempted to associate modern-day Christians like Kirbyjon Caldwell with murderous Crusaders and Nazis - an effort that might be merely laughable were it not so downright offensive.

On all the major challenges that confront this country - intergenerational poverty, youth crime, dysfunctional schools, the breakdown of families and communities - Christians represent part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The nationwide religious revival can help all faith traditions, not just Christianity. A country that takes religion seriously and passionately engages its claims will provide a more free and secure future for my children - as Americans and as Jews. In that spirit, even though I can't personally join in Pastor Caldwell's fervently Christian prayer, I feel encouraged and assured when more and more of my countrymen choose to say, 'amen.'

Comments by David Horowitz - From the article entitled "V-day" (V stands for Valentine).  The messianic illusion that will energize the thousands of women who flock to Jane Fonda's cause [V-day] reflects the fact that the cause itself is not a political movement, but a crypto-religion.  A yearning for redemption without God, but through their own political action.  It is a substitute for a God who could accomplish the miracle they yearn for, but who for whatever reason, is absent in their hearts.  The actress Glenn Close, who is adorning the event, put it succinctly when she described the woman who actually came up with the idea for V-Day this way: "She is giving us our souls back."

Like all political religions, it is also a religion of hate.  In authentic religions, God judges, God redeems and God forgives.  In authentic religions, each of us understands ourselves as a sinner, and none mistakes himself or herself as a redeemer.  In political religions, human beings act as God, judging and condemning, and there is no redemption.  This is the bloody history of the left — the saga of the guillotine and the gulag — which continues now into the new millennium.  

Comments by Laura Schlessinger - Q. In a nutshell, what is your message to America?
Ans. It's basically that we are all animals — mammalian organisms with incredible potential to rise above the dictates of our nature, which are self-gratification and stimulation, and to live for something more special. And that success and happiness don't come from acquisition and stimulation, but from nobler ideals.  Q. How did your radio show evolve from one that was more psychological in bent to one that now focuses on morality?  Ans.  As I matured and became more spiritual, so did the show. One day I heard myself mention a Commandment and thought, Who said that? The show goes where I go.  Read the full interview at

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