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Hi Dan

Thank you for your quick reply. I don't consider myself a new Christian. I've been a believer for almost as long as I can remember (almost 25 years), but I grew up on and embraced Covenant Theology, as my parents raised me to.  The idea that Paul taught anything different from any other of God's prophets or apostles--actually, that he ever taught anything different from Christ Himself even during His earthly ministry--has historically been a foreign idea to me. Through out the past ten years or so I have read a lot of Gordon Clark, R.C. Sproul, Charles Hodge, and listened to ALOT of lectures by Greg Bahnsen.

I was at first as happy as could be when hearing them expound the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Actually, I'm still as happy as can be about it! It is a glorious gospel!!... However, after a while I began to think that the doctrine of justification, although necessary, was not sufficient for my Christian life. There was a lot of sin in my life that I was struggling with, which, for the life of me, I could not seem to break free from. It was not until I 'stumbled' upon your website that I began to think--actually, to really BELIEVE--that I could be set free (experientially speaking) from sin.

Why had I never been taught about my union with Christ before as the basis for my sanctification? Dead to sin, dead to Law, dead to the world, the flesh and the devil--I feel as though I've never heard greater truth in my life! I'm still learning, and I'm sure I don't understand it all as fully as I should or as fully as I will, but I know I'm making progress. More and more all the time I'm learning to rest in the finished work of Christ alone for my sanctification as well as my justification.

I'm really trying to understand the teachings of Scripture. I have been reading the Bible for years, but for most of the time it has been through the "lens" of Covenant Theology. I didn't even realize that that is what I had been doing till a few weeks ago.

Thank you for the clarification on the question I asked. The very idea of "different gospels" struck me as heretical at first--which, I suppose, you would consider being blinded by Covenant theology. And I'm already convinced that you'd be right!

Thank you so much for all that you do! I'm learning and want to continue to learn. Just knowing that God forgives me, not only for what I've done, but for who I AM--actually that He has condemned who I am in Adam, and made me righteous in Christ--is almost too wonderful for words! I suppose that I always had a vague sort of idea that this was the case, but it hadn't really been hammered home to me till recently. I know I can rest in Him now and always.   Would you mind if I stayed in contact with you, asking you questions when need be? The only churches in my area are either Catholic, Lutheran, or Presbyterian.   Thank you, Dan!

Joey Pipkorn

Dear Dan and Diane,

Thank you so very much for your web page with the excellent things on our lofty state “in Christ.”  What a thrill and what propulsion this has been to us as in our walk with the Lord.  We have been working out here in Papua New Guinea for the last 21 years, and having had the great honour of seeing an animistic people turn to Christ.  We took great care not leaving them in the web of theological systems, right-left-centre or otherwise, but rather showing them the freedom they have in Christ, particularly from Romans and Ephesians.

May God encourage you to faithfully continue teaching the bible instead of theologies of men.



As I think about 05's blessings and what the blessings awaiting in 2006, I thought of you and your family.  Thank you for your hard work (which probably only you and your wife fully understand!)  From 1985, when I was given a copy of The Complete Green Letters, to 2001 when I came across your website, until today, "these truths" and your desire to faithfully instruct and encourage others with them has been that which has maintained and sustained my walk with Christ.  And so, Thank You! for what you are doing.  Be assured of prayer for you and your family this year.  You are a source of great encouragement to a great many!

In Him,

Jim K-G

Dear Dan:

A note of praise and thanks to you and withChrist.org.  The website continues to be just as outstanding, relevant, thought-provoking, well-organized and useful as the first day I came across it over three years ago.

I am an admitted Acts 9 Grace Believer*, so I certainly qualify as someone who disagrees with several aspects of Miles and your theology, such as the date for the advent of the Body of Christ.  But I admit that the content always makes me think.  This is the true Berean spirit, and I'm thankful for it.

You somehow manage to continually address complicated issues (the most recent involving the Calvinist error on regeneration) in a simple and direct manner.  I don't know how you do, but you do!

Keep up the good work. I plan to be reading the "What's New" section many years from now and getting just as much from it.

Dave D.

* American ultradispensationalism (a derivate of Scofieldian age-ism) rightly senses the unique character (unfolding of Church truth) of the Pauline Epistles, but erroneously holds that the Body of Christ (Church) began in Acts 9 or 13 rather than with the descent of the promised Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).  A comprehensive Acts 9-dispensational theology was authored by Charles F. Baker in 1971.  Those who espouse this view are typically a part of the Grace Gospel Fellowship.  See Distinctive Gospels for a correct clarification.  For an Acts 2 presentation, see ACTS - The History of the Spirit's Work in Testimony to the Resurrection and Glorification of Christ

Dear Dan:

Thank you again for your many years of work in creating such an enriching storehouse of Biblical knowledge. After 30 years of being bound by Covenant Theology, I am truly thankful for your ministry, and the freedom I now know in Him. I shall continue to pray for you. Prayer has become (not by choice) my main ministry in these days.



I have recently come upon your website and I'm thoroughly enthralled.  I was raised Catholic, but gave my life to Christ at the age of 21 (now 31).  I immediately got involved in a charismatic, Kingdom-Now (Earl Paulk) type church.  After being there 5 or so years and being quite indoctrinated, I felt the Spirit prompt me to leave.  Anyway, after much ado, I have been on a many-year search for doctrinal truth that I believe will set me free. The withChrist.org website has certainly been challenging me in a very good way.

My old nature is given to lesbianism.  Although I only had one relationship prior to becoming a Christian, I was very much given to the idea of that being who I was.  After coming to Christ, I have renounced everything related to that sin in my life; however, I have still struggled with the desire that is still in me and the condemnation that has gone along with it.  Through perusing your articles, I am already beginning to see the distinction between the old man and the new creation. I had long since realized that no matter what, it is simply an aspect of my sin nature that must be "deprived"--at the very minimum.

So, given my whole-hearted search for doctrinal truth, as well as my desire to grow in understanding and freedom from the old man which is bent towards perversion, I am requesting to read your article on "Homosex and The Christian; The Making, and Breaking, of Homosexuality".

Please let me know if I have your permission and how to go about doing so. I am anxiously looking forward to it.

Thank you so much and may the Holy Spirit continue to glorify Christ in you!



Just wanted to take a moment to join the many others in thanking you for your tireless effort to keep MJS's works available.  I have read the article Attention: Ascension before, but this morning it again is the balm of my soul.  It is very difficult to keep this perspective with the [low] teaching in the churches today.

You have been so kind in the past to answer questions and help me along in understanding the Word of God rightly divided.  So no questions today, just a bit of encouragement to keep going in providing what we so desperately need--the Truth.

Your friend in Him,

Pam S.


You will NEVER know how God is using your website to minister to me.   All of a sudden I am "growing in leaps and bounds" - you have "straightened me out" on so many things.  God has been preparing me the past several years before bringing me to your website.   Now that I am reading, studying and collecting the works of Miles J. Stanford, it is obvious that my entire Christian library collection has been "secondary" material.  As Miles would say "the level is far too low for those who would abide above".  Guess I will just throw them all out and start all over.


Thank you for a wonderful ministry that's taken me from the delusions of charismania (seven years ago) and given me a proper perspective of my position in our Risen and Ascended Lord Jesus.

Paul L.

Love your ministry!  Like you, I work a full-time job (Software Engineer for 20+ years) and also pastor a small fellowship here in the North Carolina.  I really respect your logical, yet very loving approach to challenging error and presenting truth.

Brian B.

The site is wonderful...reading the material here is like balm to my soul!  Thanks for putting this up!  There is other info on the Net similar to this, but this website is unique--there is nothing else "quite" like it.  A real treasure trove of great teaching and clarification in a time when it has never been needed more.  I have learned so much and am grateful for that.

Kevin N.

Can you tell me if the withChrist website is permanently down? [Note: The website was temporarily offline while we moved to a new and faster hosting server.]  This would be a great loss to many 'hungry hearts'.  To my knowledge, there is no other website like it, which presents the message of resting in the finished work of Christ.

In Jesus
Barbara A.

You have the absolute BEST site on the net for doctrinal issues, apologetics, and a deeper understanding of the light in God's Word.  After recently moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I have discovered that even here, the evangelical community is split along "Kingdom Now" and Dispensational lines.  Thanks for a site that will help all born-again Christians who truly seek to know the truth.  God bless you.


Your site has helped me, as I'm having to re-evaluate everything that I've ever "learned" in the Christian realm.  I started out with the Navigators, ended up Reformed Presbyterian, but now I'm not even sure what the real gospel is anymore.  It's scary in a way, but also a challenge.....as I wade through the Lordship Salvation controversy, and try to find my way to a solid biblical orientation that interprets Scripture in its context.  Right now, I'm not sure which sides are preaching a "false gospel", but I'm hoping that your website can help.


By the way, I would be remiss if I did not mention that I have been blessed one thousand times over by your website (it is by reading and studying Mr. Stanford's writings that I first understood the identification truths about 8 months ago), and I continue to be blessed by the site on an almost daily basis. Thank you for your ministry.

Bill S
Oak Park, IL

Your websites have opened my eyes to a lot of theological/social heresy that I have been living under and have been guilty of spreading to other believers down through the years.  After combing through your site as well as Miles Stanford's, I find I have been diverted into a maze of distraction, confusion, and near destruction (possibly too late for my family) through almost of 30 years of being a believer.


Thanks to the Lord for the ministry of this website!  I'm studying at Tyndale Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  It's a good seminary (dispensational, Chaferian theology), and the materials on your website have been a great support and supplement - even a great resource for the course work I've been doing.  Should be done by the end of June (for now, at least).  
The professor who is teaching my Systematic Theology class also teaches (emeritus) at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).  He says (and greatly laments) that DTS has two professors who are teaching the "Open View of God".  He also says he is the only one at the DTS Systematic Theology Department who is not a Progressive Dispensationalist.  Even at that, his part-time emeritus status (he's 69) does not allow him the influence that other full-time professors have.  The theological sliding that Miles saw has only gotten worse!
Seated with Him (Eph. 2:6),
Vern P
Fort Worth, TX

Miles has influenced me more than any other person I can think of. I continue to pass along his insights and growth principles to many that are hungry for growth.

Thank you again for making his works available to everyone. This is an invaluable service that you supply.

Best Regards,

John P

I simply love your web site and the depth that it goes to and all that it covers!!!

Thank you!

Paul L.

My family and I have been extremely blessed by the ministry of your website and Miles Stanford.  There has been such a clarity in my life concerning the fundamentals and that has totally changed my perception on subject such as: law, sin, the Cross, the Life of Christ and it continues to broaden.  The Word has become so practical that it is unveiling in my experiences WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM MYSELF!  I really can say that God works without a prayer!  "Thy will (WILL) be done."

South Africa

Through a series of personal trials I have been pressed hard into the Word of God.  This began some months before Miles' homegoing.  I have never in my whole Christian life of 36 years had such a hunger for His Word as I now have.  For this I am thankful.  I am continuing to become established in the truth, so I am reading everything that I can possibly find in the "evangelical camp" to ground me in Him and His Word.  I of course corresponded with Miles several months before his death, and I have read many of his books, including THE COMPLETE GREEN LETTERS.  May I add at this point that I am a graduate of Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC (graduated in 1968), and did some graduate work at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, so I am much aware of the confusion that exists in the theological world.  Especially, am I aware of Covenant Theology and its depressing law-oriented teachings.  I suffered under this for many many years.  It has been through Miles' teaching, and your website that I have been set free from this error.  Thank you so much for your continued and consistent "holding forth the word of life".

Continuing in His Grace,
Frank J

I want to say thanks for your work. It so nice to get some clean air from all the Biblical chaos.  I keep returning to this page and find new treasures each time I visit.  I am coming from a most unique background and it is taking awhile to deprogram some of the error I have learned.  I have been in Christ for 20 years and just now feel like I can see and feel the truth in God's Word.  I am passing along to others word of your site and pray for this wonderful tool for digging out treasures of our Life in Him.


Bob W.

This is an awesome website.  It is well structured and very informative.  I was raised Catholic and rejected this teaching.  Jesus Christ became my Saviour in the military.  Being a new Christian, I didn't know where to turn and have attended many denominational and non-denominational churches--always a mixture of Grace and Law teaching.  As my Christian Life has been inconsistent for approximately 20 years, I finally started to search for Grace teaching.  There is very little of this at Christian bookstores and Covenant theology seems to be predominant.  Even the Grace Teachers seem to be confused!  Charismatic teaching and the ecumenical movement have greatly influenced them.  I was extremely pleased to have found your website.  Everything seems to have fallen in place and I am learning a great deal here.

In Christ's Service

I have been visiting your site anonymously for more than 2 years and find it to be one of the most valuable resources on the Web.   I have printed and distributed a number of your articles, and often find myself replying to difficult questions with, "Check such and such an article on the TrueBranch Ministry site."  I am especially impressed with your information on Covenantal Calvinism, and have used a great deal of it in my ministry.

Resting in the Eternal Bonds of His Grace,
Ron W
Romans 15:4

To the person responsible for the effort and planning that is invested into this website, I'd like to say, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

I write to you from within the bowels of the Bible Belt in north Mississippi. Denominationalism and tradition reigns. In debates (or even battles) that involve truth vs. tradition, most folks will retreat into the comfy comfines of tradition. My wife and I and our two children (one's three and the other one is due in September) have been unable to find a local assembly in which we feel comfortable, primarily because a church dedicated to a clear gospel of grace has been impossible to find and hugely difficult to start.

Dispensationalism? The background I have been blessed to receive from my parents, who have compiled a fat notebook of MJS's work, has been a tremendous gift from God. The couple of letters I received in the past from Mr. Stanford have proven to be brimming with wisdom and have hit me at just the right time. The only sadness has been the lack of personal interaction with like-minded believers. I'm 28. For most of my Christian life I have not had a thirst for sincere fellowship that a church could provide.  Perhaps the growth of my family prompted this need to some extent.

What does all of this have to do with your web page?  About a year ago, I was thrilled to see a link to Mile J. Stanford's work come up when I executed a search on Yahoo. Now, each day before my work day begins (I work in marketing and economic development at an electric utility), I log onto the Hungry Heart series to read two or three devotionals. What a way to remain grounded in my position in Christ, the last Adam. Now, I am equally thrilled to have stumbled into your work. I have skimmed its contents for a couple of hours and look forward to digging in in earnest. What I have seen thus far certainly helps the above-mentioned need.

Sure, a "virtual" fellowship time is not quite as effective as the power of human connections, but it sure is a practical way to interact with believers who are committed with Mr. Stanford and others "to rightly divide the word." And sure, I know that our risen Savior is who we look to for the ultimate fulfillment of our needs. Mr. Stanford would be the first to point this out. But, let's be honest, it sure helps to find allies, does it not?

Finally, what a tribute to the power and plan of God to see Him raise up yet another admittedly frail-but-faithful believer to carry forward the ever-powerful positional truths, truths that never fail to keep us "looking down."

Resting in Him,

John H
Batesville, MS


Bruce B

What a treasure trove you sent me!  Thanks mucho.

Love and God bless and keep you,

I have visited your site and I am very impressed by all the material you are offering. I am also shocked by neo-dispensationalism (Blaising etc).  I wonder what your thoughts are on the ministry of Sidlow Baxter, because you link him with one-naturism.  Can you explain what you mean by that.  How can I obtain some of the materials offered? I live in the Netherlands.

Christian greetings from,

Hans K
The Netherlands

I was intrigued to read all of the essays within your webpages.  I am a new Christian, converted by an act of God's grace at age 27 while listening to a sermon in a United Methodist Church in Washington, DC on St. Patrick's Day of this year.  I have said that all truth was imparted to me in that one instant even though it is taking time for its meaning and application to unfold in my new life.

Since then I have been reading the New Testament on my own, listening to Christian radio, casting light on my sinful ways through pastoral counseling and an earnest pursuit of truth, and generally contemplating my renewal and the message of the Gospel almost without cease.  (Many of my friends think I've gone nuts, and sometimes I wonder myself!)   I am eagerly seeking to determine God's will for my life and trying my best to witness to those who will listen (even for a moment) about God's transformation in me.

Lately I have been experiencing more and more anxiety as I wonder whether I can have a viable "career" in this world and lamenting the fact that more people appear to be uninterested in salvation by the Lord Jesus.  For these reasons, I was encouraged to read "The New Life Explained" because it showed that all of this was normal and because it reinforced my zeal for understanding and remembering my position in relation to the risen Christ.  I thank and praise God, therefore, for His wisdom which has touched me through your words.

I have also grown increasingly troubled by what appears to my child-like perspective as a deepening division among those who call themselves Christian in the United States.   Specifically, I share your disappointment that Christianity is made to appear even less appealing to the unbelieving world due to our inability to get our own house in order.  That is why your historical study of Christian humanism was extremely illuminating for me.  My tendency before was to hope for some new iteration of the church to come along that would reconcile the brokenness and return Christ's bride to her rightful condition, but I see that many have tried to do the same in the past.

I agree that any such "renewal" of the Church would come about by returning directly to the Word of God.  But the implications of such repentance on an institutional level would probably appear as something radically new and different to believers and unbelievers alike.  Being born in America in  AD 1969, I feel uniquely positioned and enormously challenged to articulate the good news of the Gospel to my generation, but I feel I lack sufficient instruction at this time.  Frankly, I don't know how to begin.  I would be grateful if you could take a few moments to respond to some of my preoccupations.

Blessings and Peace

Richard F
Washington, DC

Blessings to you for creating such an informative web site.  I've been online for just under a month and a couple of weeks ago I was delighted to discover Miles Stanford's site.  I've read and re-read his books often.   He's been a major influence in my walk.  I have corresponded with him twice via e-mail and rejoice that God has given him extra years. 

For many years I've been a Christian bookseller and part-time writer.  Currently I'm working on a book for Zondervan (publisher of "The Green Letters") which will be devotional based in part on the identification truths of Scripture.  It will consist of short excerpts from the writings of such people as Wm. Newell, Darby, Ruth Paxson, Jessie Penn-Lewis, Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor and as many others as I can include (and of course Miles Stanford).  I have many of the books by these authors already, but if you know of an extensive library that might include some of the older writers (Keswick for instance--L.L. Legters, Gordon Watt)  where I could research for the book, I'd sure appreciate knowing about it.  Prayers for the work of compiling the book would also be appreciated.

And also, I would like to send something to help with the ministry of TrueBranch.   Where should it be sent?


Nick H

I am interested in helping to contribute to the upkeep of the Website.  I have derived enormous benefit in my Christian life from Miles Stanford's writings, and have received quite a few documents from Miles based on the list in the web site.  And of course, in these darkest of all days, I am always interested in corresponding with another New Creation Christian.

In Christ,

Gary T
Laurel, MD

Today as I was surfing the 'net, I came across your web page.  I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work of your service in Christ, even with full time jobs.

Let me introduce myself.  I am Beth Ann C.  My late husband, Marlin, was a friend of Dr. Paul VanGorder and Miles Stanford.  He was a pastor and was killed 17 mos. ago in an accident at age 38.  I don't understand God's ways, but I don't think I'm meant to.  He would have been thrilled to have found your site.  He did not have the opportunity to be on the 'net, though we were looking into it at the time of his homegoing.  We were also with New Tribes Mission for 4 years.

I don't know if there is anyway that I could be of service to you, but if so, let me know.  I have written Miles off and on through this trying time, and he has been such an encouragement.  I am thankful for the Lord's hands to me through people.

I have 3 children, and I don't know what the Lord has for me.  I am waiting.  I have been in ministry all my married life, through missions or through being a pastor's wife.  This is my first time since I was 17 that I have been out of the 'circuit'.

I just thought I would take the opportunity to say hello, and I'm so thrilled that you have this site.  I'll be praying for you and its use.   My husband believed right alongside of you, and I am glad that you have done this thing.

God Bless your efforts

I am a Born Again believer, saved when I was 19.  That was 21 years ago.   Just writing to say Praise God for making the Internet a tool for the effective ministry of the Word of God.  A friend of mine from Pratt referred me to this site.   She was the one responsible for my accepting the Lord as my Saviour, by her testimony and life's witness.  No need to respond to this letter if you don't get the time, I'll see you in Glory!

Berne C
Mulvane, KS

I just wanted to comment on your site.  Well done brother!  I have linked your site to mine in two areas.  Thank you so much for a great site.

In Christ's love,

Tom W

This past January I ordered all of Miles Stanford books. My husband and I had been linked to your sight by some related avenue on the Web. I have been able to read all the material, and still use the Position Papers volumes as my devotional reading.

I had been caught in "the pause", and only knowing that I, above ALL my circumstances and conditions of my life and history, belonged to God,  I had been patiently waiting on Him.  I had learned to rest, content in my neutral zone, having come to an end of myself with all its fleshly and worldly cravings. There was nothing I wanted to do to deliver myself, I knew I was powerless. This was a work of the Spirit that had taken six years-the result of a severe illness that struck my husband, and indirectly me. Quite a long process, but nonetheless thorough!

While abiding in this emptiness, to then read these Position truths re-expressed in Stanford's writings, the Holy Spirit greatly comforted and exhorted me within. My deep fears vanished away as I was able to understand that I was right where my loving Father intended me to be. I moved beyond "Jesus dying for my sins", on into "my old flesh nature also being put to death in Christ", and even best of all, "being risen with Christ and seated with Him in the Heavenly places".

This refreshed knowledge of Jesus is bringing me Life again. I am growing in wisdom and understanding, my sorrow has been turned into rejoicing. I am learning about that old nature within, and learning how to cry out to the only One who can deliver me from it. I keep my eyes focused on my Head, who is truly everything I need in this earthly life and in my glorious life to come.

I had to yet struggle with self-sanctification to help establish me even more securely in a "righteousness not my own". I have a pretty stubborn thorn stuck in my flesh at the moment, obviously to keep me focused and dependant on His sufficient Grace. I wanted to partake of some "glorious liberty" and found an area I was not free in, indeed I was in quite a strong bondage. Since I rely on my deliverance through Christ alone, I patiently wait on the Spirit within to search the depths of me, and only hope I yield to the power of the cross when Jesus speaks the word of my release and liberty from this bondage of my flesh.

I would like to chat back and forth with like minded believers, but I do not know where to find them. I am not well-read as you all seem to be, but I am well-schooled by the Holy Spirit within! I so appreciate how God used your material to minister to me, and for this I give Him thanks on your behalf.  Now that I have once again found your website, I will be able to keep up on
your current points of focus.

God keep you all in His Truth that is only in Christ Jesus,


Webmaster's note:  We are people of 'heart'.  We particularly appreciate letters like this.

Thank God for your site!  Well, its been quite a day. And I've had quite a time as of late. I'm a newer Christian (1-1/2 yrs) who has been continually moved to grow and question and explore and lately an almost obsessive quality to my search has overtaken me. I started on this road over 8 years ago in a 12-step recovery program and have "arrived" here in a near desperation - looking for fellowship in truth. I currently belong to the United Church of Canada (which is a longer story) and though I am involved in trying to be a force for God from within, I'm realizing that I will never be able to effect enough change, even locally, to harmonize with their beliefs or theirs with mine rather.

It's funny, God has moved me so quickly from my first tentative steps into Christianity (just who was this Jesus anyway? - Maybe its time to look into it....) through the study of the Bible (it is through the reading of His Word that we are brought to our conviction) to a profound and life changeing relationship with Our Lord as I find myself abiding in Him and He in me. In May, my wife and I attended a weekend of seminars hosted by Grace Life Ministries (Colorado) and I've not been the same since. Digging into books by Solomon and Watchman Nee (Stanford is on the shelf, next in line to be read - I find that I can't just whip through this stuff - its too deep) among others has kept me growing in the understanding of Paul's incredibly, awesomely directly inspired by Jesus Himself writings (I just get blown away by this stuff! I'm am SO overwhelmed at the realization of my position with/in Christ....well.. you know..) Oh,boy sorry for that run-on - where was I?

Ah yes - which begins to bring me round to the realization that, man, am I in the wrong church! Especially when they are now planning to bring in the Alpha Program for their intro to Christianity classes! So, here I am looking for another church and I think well, ya know my Pastor friend at the Nazarenes is a pretty good guy (I play keyboards with their worship team every 5 or 6 weeks - does me alot of good) - lets check them out. Hmmm - he once described me as a Weslyan/Arminian - just what the heck is that anyway? So, I hit the WWW and begin to research the whole Calvinist/Arminian debate and now I'm even MORE confused! At first I think that, yeah, ok I guess I believe in a certain amount of free-will, but not to the point tha I am more powerful than God! - And what's this talk of my salvation being threatened if I choose to reject the gospel (as seems to happen with comparative ease according to the Nazarenes?). Am I that powerful, Is God that weak? But then on the Calvinist side (which I will admit, is certainly more strongly rooted in Scripture) it seems to take me right out of the picture altogether! AAARGGG - so then - can I take a middle ground and if so, what the heck do you call it?

You can sense my frustration at this point I'm sure. So, getting caught up in all of this - realizing that I'm basically churchless (as is my family) - I'm forgetting all about my position in Christ, my complete faith and trust in His ability to live through me and my ability (granted by the grace of God) to experience His life - lo and behold what does He guide me to but your website. Praise God! Thank You Lord! For what do I see on these pages but that which points me back to Paul, back to the exchanged life, back to my real idendity as a saved child of God! And of course some real positive sorting out of the Calvinist/Arminian debate. I've been printing off all sorts of pages and passing them on to my wife - coming up for air now and then and just felt prompted to write to you to express my sincere gratitude for your work, dedication, and obvious love for, not only our Lord, but believers like me. Now of course, I still need to find a church and I suppose some sort of label might be handy...I'm still a bit unsure - is this dispensationalism we are talking about here? Am I a "New Life" Christian? I'm just not sure where this all fits in. Could you possibly recommend or suggest any churches or denominations wherin I might find support for these.... (I hate to call them "concepts") TRUTHS! (aha - there it is indeed) (sorry, its getting late)?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and though I do have some contacts here through Grace Life Ministries, I'd sure like to find a church which has its basis in this teaching. Aside from that though - I feel that, like some of your other corresponders, I have satisfied a certain longing in discovering your site. I'll certainly make much more use of it in the coming days and weeks and have emailed the URL for the Hungry Heart Series to myself at work (sorry RBC, I think you may have been replaced). Thanks again for being there - you've really made a difference, and you've helped to put my heart at ease. Once again I am reminded to curl up on the feet of my Lord, like a lost lamb, having been found once again, safe and at rest in Him.

Bless you,

Bruce F
Calgary, Alberta

I have recently been attending a Mennonite Church who is running an ALPHA course, and as I see it, the ALPHA course is just a way to bring people into Charismatic nonsense.   [See ALPHA: The Last Word in Evangelism?]

I was just reading some of the letters that have been sent in to you from different Christians and the struggles they are going through to find fellowship.  I was wondering if it is possible, to get in touch with these people, who feel the same way as I do.  I too understand the positional truths that Mr. Stanford points to.  Any information you could help me with would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks so much for your site, it has helped me so much!!!


Jerry & Martina O'Connell

It is good in times like these, to find a resource like this.  I believe that as apostasy increases, that sites like this one will be the only link between believers who are interested in Bible Doctrine.  We are becoming more isolated with each passing day.  I know this sounds paranoid, but it certainly seems that way sometimes.  Thank you all for being there for us.

Dean Jones

Here's one of dozens received by MJS

Dear Miles:

I just wanted to tell you that your teachings have made a shambles of my ministry in this old Southern Baptist Church . . . and for that I truly thank you. Sunday I resigned as pastor of my church because in a special called deacons' meeting last Sunday, the deacons voted seven to one that they disagreed with my theology. They all agreed that they think I am a gifted preacher and they otherwise have enjoyed my preaching. Most also believe I have been an excellent pastor, but they believe my teachings concerning predestination and election (Which I rarely ever spoke of on Sunday mornings and always cast the net wide to all) and my (as they saw it) speaking against the ten commandments was not what they have traditionally believed.

Anyway, I just wanted seriously to say thank you for opening my spiritual eyes to the Apostle Paul's growth teachings in his letters. I am not up-set about having to resign at all. I know that all things work together for good and I am very optimistic about the future and how God means to use me. I used to be a freelance wildlife artist and I plan to do that again for awhile and use the time to listen to the Lord for His direction. The gospel is like a fire burning within me and the teachings of grace through faith in Jesus are the delight of my heart.

I resigned with love and respect for the people, including the deacons. Many of the people cried and I believe most would have me stay. But in an old country church (about 140 people who attend) with a "deacon board" that rules, there seemed to be no way. I do believe the deacons are in for a real firestorm at the next church business meeting from the people. Many of the "new wine skins" in our growing church were beginning to hear me and I believe the deacons knew if they did not stop it now, they would lose the control they had on the church's theology.

You had told me before that opportunities to share the growth truths in the local church were very limited. You are so right. I think I shall rest and let the Lord now show me how to share what I have learned of Him, the Liberator. I want now to study further Dispensationalism to see if I might better understand it. I never did share that with my church for I was still trying to sort it out myself, but I can now see how it all fits together.

I'd be interested if you had any insight or comment on my situation.

Blessings in Him,


I've been reading articles on your website for over a year now and it was just tonight that I read your personal testimony. It was great to finally meet you.  I have links to almost every article on the site on my own website at e-Grace.net.   When I was first connected to the Internet, the first thing I did was spend hours in the BibSac articles of DTS.  But when I began to explore the rest of the Web, I quickly discovered there was more false doctrine than true. This is what essentially inspired the idea for my website.  Basically just a site full of links to sound articles. I just want you to know that I appreciate your work in the face of so much opposition and I pray that God will bless you in your every endeavor.

In His Love,

Just want to say how much I appreciate your site and also Miles Stanford's site.  It is a rarity today to find any Christ centered, doctrinally sound material and I thank you for the material on your site.  If more believers in the Lord Jesus Christ understood their position as Christians there would be much more rejoicing even in the face of adversity.  Thanks again and God bless.

In Jesus our Lord,
Denis V

Wow!  Great web site Dan.  I logged on to try and understand why some of my Church of Christ friends were so adamant about the necessity of water baptism in salvation.  I enjoyed your articles on Arminianism, Campbellites, etc., and I read and fully agree with your statements about the Pauline Gospel.  Very well done.

Thanks for logging these works to the Internet.  I'll be certain to check back and read the other articles!


Tony G.

A reader sent me a link to your website. I wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a wonderful work for Christ your website is!  It is like an oasis of beauty set against the often harsh landscape of cyberspace. God bless you for the obvious hard work involved! I pray He will richly reward you.

Sincerely in Christ

Hal Lindsey

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