Sites Beyond

Sites Beyond represents a listing of articulate, conservative commentators (in our opinion) and various websites that interest us and contribute to our Christian walk.  The links are not intended to convey full endorsement, as it is impossible to comprehensively monitor what goes on within these other spheres.  For the moment, there is no particular organizational scheme or categories.  Listings are judiciously granted after we have had time to validate a site's value.


Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA is the first college (non-denominational) for Christian home-schooled students.  "Patrick Henry College believes that God is the source of all truth, be it spiritual, moral, philosophical, or scientific. For this reason, we seek to educate students in God's truth throughout the entire curriculum." Click here to listen to the recent NPR Fresh Air (Terry Gross) interview with president and co-founder, Michael Farris.  The college has understandably set very high standards for students, standards which, truthfully speaking, will be a challenge to meet given their desire for so-called "doctrinally neutrality."  As I expected, see Shakeup at Patrick Henry College.


Secondhand Smoke "considers issues involving assisted suicide/euthanasia, bioethics, human cloning, biotechnology, and the dangers of animal rights/liberation. Wesley J. Smith's views are from a "secular" perspective, BUT  "reflect my understanding that the philosophy of human exceptionalism is the bedrock of universal human rights. Or, to put it another way: human life matters."  Thoughtful commentary and very interesting polemics!

Access Research Network

Access Research Network is dedicated to providing "accessible information on science, technology and society."  Often their focus is on "controversial topics as genetic engineering, euthanasia, computer technology, environmental issues, creation/evolution, fetal tissue research, AIDS, and so on."  ARN is a source of writings for many leaders of the Intelligent Design movement. 

"But science and technology are only half the picture." They put "science topics in perspective by looking at related political, ethical and philosophical issues--so you can get a well-rounded understanding of the hot issues."

Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers

Penetrating political and cultural commentary by Victor Hansen and other academic guest contributors.  Victor Hansen's view of the world is through the lens of a formally-trained military historian.  Whether we like it or not, conflict and war are marks of the current Gentile age and Western civilization is under siege both from within and without.

RED GIANTS Discernment & commentary

Discernment and commentary blog from a conservative Christian perspective similar to our own.  While not always in agreement with us, the author's views are challenging.

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager, nationally-syndicated radio Jewish talk-show host, is likely the most articulate, popularized voice for Judeo ethics.  His commitment to, "Clarity, not agreement" often serves to focus this razor-sharp arguments.  In addition to his show, he writes daily commentaryEthically speaking, he understands the basic commonalities between Judaism and Christendom and the parallel between anti-Semitism and the anti-Christian bigotry spawned by liberals and the political left.  He is in a small minority of Jewish theists who consider evangelical Christians if not friends, then allies.



A plethora of insightful articles by various contemporary authors.   "Our Judeo-Christian heritage provides a framework to help us comprehend the choices we make and the conflicts that arise over them. It is not only the main source of our spiritual values, but also many of the secular values we depend on. Tothesource helps us understand the reality around us.