Where They Stand, and Fall

MILES J. STANFORD, (1914-1999) - Christian author and Pauline dispensational theologian

stanford.jpg (10556 bytes)"The very first exercise of free will [autonomous action] by a created being [Lucifer] brought sin into the universe.  The very first exercise of free will [autonomous action] by unfallen man [Adam] brought sin into the human race, and into the world.   Enslaved by sin, both Satan and Adam are by nature at enmity toward their Creator.

For Satan, who originated this [rebellion], there is no hope.  For Adam, victimized by Satan; the Seed, the Redeemer was promised (Genesis 3:15).  But Adamic man, enslaved to sin by will and nature, neither would nor could freely exercise his will to choose the Redeemer.  Nevertheless, fallen man is responsible for his own blindness and rebellion, and he cannot simply place the blame upon Satan.  Fallen man has neither the freedom of will, nor the inclination to turn to God."

Now, God must initiate.... !

A search for the term "free will" in The Complete Works of Miles J. Stanford (CD ROM) will turn up numerous references to the topic.  There can be no doubt on where brother Miles stood on the subject.

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