Where They Stand, and Fall

ROY A. HUEBNER,  (1931-2008) Christian author and dispensational theologian  

Information is difficult to come by as the Huebner family follows the Plymouth Brethren tradition of withholding personal information as proof of Christian humility.  Information below is a melded together from correspondence and conversations prior to 2008.

Roy A. Huebner was an engineer by profession.  He and his family were exclusive (closed) Plymouth Brethren, specifically part of a "Tunbridge Wells" group located in and around New Jersey, USA.  He was an ardent researcher and prolific writer, compiling extensive histories on a leading figure (some say THE leading figure) of the 19th century Plymouth Brethren movement.  If you're interested in understanding what John Nelson Darby believed and taught, then you can't be without the works of Roy Huebner.

For many years, brother Huebner published a bi-monthly theological newsletter/pamphlet entitled, THY PRECEPTS.  Subject matter and articles from these publications were then re-organized and bound in hardback.  At the center of his work is a five-volume, systematic theology entitled, Dispensational Truth.  The set deals with technical issues related to various systems of dispensationalism, rather than the subjects covered in classic systematic works.  To my knowledge, this has be the only effort to formulate a comprehensive Pauline dispensational theology to date.  Huebner highlights J. N. Darby's teachings with subsequent dispensational theologies, e.g., C. I. Scofield, L. S. Chafer, and other traditional and progressive dispensationalists.  He takes specific aim at Scofield's synthesis of Isaac Watt's covenant age-ism with bits-and-pieces of dispensational truth borrowed from Darby.  According to Huebner, it was Scolfield's theological amalgam which has given rise to a host of problem in dispensationalism, e.g., the collapse of traditional dispensationalism, as well as the rise of both ultra and progressive dispensationalism.

In contrast to Scofield/Chafer dispensationalism, Pauline dispensationalism sees mankind's testing fully completed at Calvary.  After centuries of demonstration, man is found totally incorrigible and completely LOST.  During the current period, mankind is not being "tested" as to whether they will believe the gospel or not.  They won't!  This is Paul's proclamation.  With the advent of the church at Pentecost (Acts 2), God, in sovereign grace, is calling out a peculiar people--the body of Christ.  Similar with his work throughout all ages, salvation is by grace through faith.

Roy Huebner's publications can still be obtained through his website:  Present Truth Publishers.      

In 2003, Brother Huebner published an extensive study entitled God's Sovereignty and Glory in the Election and Salvation of Lost Men.  I am currently in the process of reading and digesting this 300+ page exposition of subject.  Quotations will be posted here upon finishing the book.

Recommendation of the works of Roy A. Huebner does not represent any form of blanket endorsement for his views.

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